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 Youtube tutorial video



Check our channel and see our videos if you think we deserve something for our work, gives the amount on paypay


 Load trucks for a logisticks storehouse. 10 hours night shifts


 110 to 150CZK

 The accomodation is provided by the agency, the transportation and food is your responsibility


Washing black and white dishes in a restaurant


110 to 120CZK

No accomodatio, no transport, no food allowance



Factory worker




110 to 120CZK


Basic clean neto salary, accomodation is provided by the agency, no food vouchers, no transport allowance























In order to submit your report of the payment you are getting

just use the contact form on the bottom if this page or char with us on WhatsApp: +420 723 447 398

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Project description:
We aim to unify the price for the different products and services, based on the quality. This way you will not work for free, while not getting paid. For example 1 hours of working in a storehouse, loading 3 trucks per shift is 110CZ per hour.

The price for 1 WorkTHR is suppose to be a stable of 1 hours of the standard work of the standard sallary needed for living.

We accept the salary of 3000EUR(clean neto) for 176 hours. meaning 1 WokrTHR ¬= 17EUR. Since the project is based on the CZK currency, 1 hour = 5 EUR = 110CZK approximately of the time of righting of this article.

Check our YouTube channel and give us a WorkTHR if you think we deserve it:

How to trade our WorkTHR:

Simple cryto tutorial with the steps in the video description:

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